Don’t forget.

Sometimes you feel like you work in a vacuum. Here you are, working, living, making a life in place like New York. People who don’t live here think, “Oh heck, how can you ever be alone with all those people everywhere?” Truth be told, in spite of everything, it is an extremely lonely place. You do make friends and connections. Everyone does have their own separate lives and concerns. You see people on the street. Rich, poor. The Native American proverb, “Never judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins”, really strikes home. Don’t judge.

I like looking at faces and imagining what others lives might be like. I try to find that look when people are lost in themselves or on the verge of recognition. Imagine is all I can do. Sometimes I get it, sometimes….

Compassion, understanding. Carry these in your pocket all times. Listen to your heart, no matter how silly. Mistakes? Sure. They are there to be made and learned from.

Don’t forget.


“I like to watch….”

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Herald Square


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“There is nothing new except what is forgotten.”
Mademoiselle Bertin

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Broadway 2795


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Herald Square 2878


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Concentrate. There Are No Maybes…….

It’s a question of concentration. Concentrate, think, watch, look and, ah, like this, you are ready. But you never know the culminative point of something. So you’re shooting. You say, “Yes. Yes. Maybe. Yes.” But you shouldn’t overshoot. It’s like overeating, overdrinking. You have to eat, you have to drink. But over is too much. Because by the time you press, you arm the shutter once more, and maybe the picture was in between.”

- Henri Cartier Bresson

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