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Reminiscing a bit about my time working at Camera Barn and many of the famous photographers I sold darkroom supplies to. I almost forgot about the afternoon that Harry Callahan walked in. Accompanied by his equally famous wife and muse Elenor, and their daughter Barbara, they were there to purchase a complete darkroom setup and supplies for Barbara. If memory serves me, she was going to school at NYU.

I’ve never been one to get excited over famous people. They’re as human as we are. Circumstance, and of course talent, allows a certain few to stand out above the rest. I sometimes feel that if times were different, would these same people stand out today as they did in their time? Would certain people today stand out in another time that has passed, who do not now? I find this to be an interesting paradox, but not one to be debilitating. We all are a product of our times. Our past, the people we meet, and many. many other things, influence our individual circumstance. Good or bad we are who we are. Not everything about us is known by the people we know. Not everything is revealed.

Harry Straus, Keith, David Goldberg. Circa 1979/80 Camera Barn
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