Welcome to my blog. I am a photographer living and working in NYC. I would like to share with you my vision of my world.

One of my favorite quotes;

I’m always looking outside, trying to look inside.
Trying to tell something that’s true.
But maybe nothing is really true.
Except what’s out there.

– Robert Frank

Your comments are welcomed. I am always accepting of dialogue.

All images are available as fine art prints. Please inquire as to size and pricing.

From Light and Composition website –

“Keith Goldstein was born in Brooklyn, New York. Keith was interested in art for as long as he can remember, with his mother being his biggest influence and supporter, encouraging him in his earliest artistic endeavors. Keith’s first connection with photography came about in high school when he was given a collection of photography magazines to draw from. Instead, he began to read them, becoming extremely fascinated with the medium. It wasn’t until he dropped out of college after his second year, and was working in a warehouse, that he decided on photography as a means to creative expression. Keith began studies at night school with David Attie and moved into New York City, receiving his BFA with Honors in photography from the School of Visual Arts. It was there, working with Tad Yamashiro, that he began to experiment with a more emotive way of expression. Wanting to explore this further, Keith went on to continue his experimentation with Carl Toth at Cranbrook Academy of Art. After receiving his MFA in Photography, he moved back to New York City and began, through a course of personal experiences, to unravel everything that he knew and was for the next 15 years of his life. Keith has been exhibiting his work since 1980. His work has been published in many publications including – ABC News Australia, Now Public, Flak Magazine, JPEG Magazine, File Magazine, Snaps Magazine, SHOTS, Boulevard, Mercury Records, Diversion Magazine, Cadillac Motors, I Magazine, Penquin/Putnam, Simon & Shuster, St. Martin’s Press, and on many book covers. Keith’s tools to finding his place and exploring his feelings towards the world have always been simple – one camera and a couple of lenses. “Being unencumbered does allow you the most freedom”, he says. Keith has been making his living as fine art photographer, a stock shooter, a corporate event photographer, and a photo editor.”

* All images are available for print or stock sales. Please contact me for purchase.

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  1. Keith, thanks for all the likes. Appreciate it. Quick question… do you just get right up in people’s faces with your iPhone or do you try and disguise what you’re doing?

  2. You come highly recommend from Adam Isler. I commented on the photos he posts of people looking up and he directed me to your blog. I am a New Jersey girl living down south now, so these NY pics are near and dear to my heart. Awesome blog. I shall follow….

  3. Hey Keith, I’m trying to find a cover image for a non-commercial german podcast. The episode is about fear, freedom, society and solidarity. May I use your image “Hole in a Wire Fence” for that? Link to the episode: http://cre.fm/cre135-mut-zur-freiheit
    If you decide to support the project with the photo, you can send it to me via mail: florian [at] gerdts-net.de

      1. Florian,

        Can you send me your size requirement. I won’t be able to send it until late this evening, after 9PM, my time, or tomorrow evening. I am working and not at home near my archive.


  4. Hello Keith

    You do not know me, but recently you were in contact with my daughter Joanna. She told you about my Uncle Mike DiBiase passing away. My mother who is still alive at 92 was Mike’s older sister. My mother and I went to his funeral in Knoxville, Tenn. way back n 2005. His wife, my Aunt Tess is still living back there and his two children are there also. I remember as a kid at 15, my parents and his other sister Lucy, we are went to one of his photography showings in Carmel, Ca. He was a great photographer who liked to take black and white pictures. My mother has shared so many stories of her younger brother to me while they were growing up in Brooklyn. Uncle Mike was such a creative person, I know my daughter got it from him! Lol

    Your pictures are beautiful!

    Lisa Nelius

  5. I found your link on RFforum re the Minolta TC-1. I’m glad I did because I REALLY like your work. And your philosophy. Trouble is, it make me really miss Manhattan! Now I want to go out with my Olympus XA and HP5 for the first time in four decades.

  6. I like Pentax a lot and even have a Q7. But I find the GR too pricey and limited. I like having a viewfinder and at least a 3x zoom. The Sony Rx’s are nice but too pricey too. I have used my Nex-6 and X-10 for street work but I really like the Nikon P6000 which is ‘good enough’. It is Oly Clamshell sized but has a lot of features (and a few problems). Stealth ranks high on my list. https://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/P6000/P6000A.HTM. Used ones are rare but cheap <$100. I.e. disposable! I put black tape over the 'Nikon'.

  7. I really love your blog, and would love to feature you on mine and introduce my readers to you! Would you be interested in guest posting on my site? I really love your street photography and think we could build some really interesting conversation in the comments. What do you think about a post about The Beaty of Street Photography, to publish in a week or so? Let me know if you have any questions! I’d love to hear your opinion.

  8. Hello Keith,

    I have seen you on “B and H” and you inspired me with your explanations to try stock photography. May I ask you for your recommendation? If you like to put pictures from the Black Forest into a stock, which company would you recommend? Or could you name a few, I will check myself than.

    Thanks for the interesting explanations on Youtube and kind greetings from Europe.


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