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“Become A Camera”

 “…I want to create something that would not have existed without me.” Minor White

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Joel Meyerowtiz Interview 2020

I like Meyerowitz’s street work, especially that of the 1960s and 1970s. I find it to be his most interesting. Though I usually have a hard time listening to him speak, I find his words a bit “over the top”, … Continue reading

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“How do you enjoy life?”

While I did not know Robert personally, anyone’s passing from the small comradery of New York’s own is tough to take. My friends Antonio Rosario and Kristin Duvall shot his video for his kickstarter for his first book. Deep in … Continue reading

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My LensCulture Review–Y “You have some very strong work in your submission. I wish to first commend you on seeking out new subject matter and also a new photographic process-this is something that is vital for photographers at all levels of … Continue reading

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Emerging Photography Awards Contender: Keith Goldstein

Please follow the link and vote!!! Hi Keith, Thanks again for submitting to the Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards! We wanted to let you know that we’ve posted your work to our blog, Facebook and Twitter. You can view the … Continue reading

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“God Does Crap”

A number of years ago, during a stint of unemployment, I was assisting a friend, a still-life photographer out in his Brooklyn studio. One day, after a day’s shoot, we went into Manhattan to drop off the film and while … Continue reading

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On Garry Winogrand

As I age I believe my work speaks truer to what I need to express. I’ve been lucky to have met many of the photographers that influence my work in some way. As a young man while in school, I … Continue reading

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“…to hold one’s breath…”

“To photograph is to hold one’s breath when all our faculties converge to capture the fleeting reality; it is then that the seizure of an image is a great physical and intellectual joy.” Henri Cartier-Bresson

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Like a Stain

A photograph is “like a stain”. “You can turn away but when you come back they’ll still be there looking at you.” – Diane Arbus

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As a co-founder of Provoke magazine in the late 60s, legendary street photographer Daido Moriyama helped launch a movement that challenged the esthetic and social conventions of Japanese photography. Moriyama has published dozens of collections of his work over his five-decade career. The following … Continue reading

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