Tony Ray-Jones

I’m sitting here thinking that it is time to write a post. I can’t believe that as long as I have had this blog, I have never posted anything about Tony Ray-Jones. He is one the first big influences on my work. I can remember coming across a small portfolio of his images in ModernContinue reading “Tony Ray-Jones”

Hans Namuth

Back in the late 1980s I had a show at the “Helio Gallery” in the East Village where I was living. I walked in one late Saturday afternoon to see how things were going. The gallery owner told me that a man came in, looked around and was interested in one of my images. HeContinue reading “Hans Namuth”

How Kodak Squandered Every Single Digital Opportunity It Had BY PETE PACHAL Kodak has finally formalized what had been expected for years — it’s gone bankrupt. In the past 15 years, digital technology changed photography dramatically, and Kodak, a former heavyweight in the analog film business, got left behind. That’s the story of Kodak in the broadest of strokes, though it doesn’t capture the full (ifContinue reading “How Kodak Squandered Every Single Digital Opportunity It Had”

Joel Meyerowtiz Interview 2020

I like Meyerowitz’s street work, especially that of the 1960s and 1970s. I find it to be his most interesting. Though I usually have a hard time listening to him speak, I find his words a bit “over the top”, this interview is worthwhile to listen to.

“How do you enjoy life?”

While I did not know Robert personally, anyone’s passing from the small comradery of New York’s own is tough to take. My friends Antonio Rosario and Kristin Duvall shot his video for his kickstarter for his first book. Deep in the recesses of my memory, I could possibly remember him coming into Camera Barn whenContinue reading ““How do you enjoy life?””

My LensCulture Review–Y “You have some very strong work in your submission. I wish to first commend you on seeking out new subject matter and also a new photographic process-this is something that is vital for photographers at all levels of experience. I can clearly sense your passion and zeal for this new manner of makingContinue reading “My LensCulture Review”