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On Instagram

I am not a big fan of Instagram. I am there, as here, for dialogue, to share my work, to see and discover work I might not get to see otherwise. In this, it gives me great pleasure. I have … Continue reading

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Fred Herzog and the Holocaust

When your views on world history begin to encroach on you being an exceptional pioneering  color photographer. Below is a link to an interesting interview of Fred Herzog. The interview takes an interesting twist when speaking about his childhood in … Continue reading

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“There is something noble, I think, about doing nothing.”

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“…fool’s errand.”

“The End Of Street Photography” – At Least For This New York City Photographer, by Michael Ernest Sweet I have written about the problems of street photography before, and my prediction for its ultimate collapse, but still it goes on. … Continue reading

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Leaving Home, Coming Home

“The pictures have to talk, not me.” – Robert Frank, “Leaving Home, Coming Home: A Portrait of Robert Frank”

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This photography thing…..

This photography thing….. Being creative, going through doubt, the difficulty in expressing clearly what you want to say, is not ever easy.

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“…a certain sacredness”

“It’s not just the meaning of the image that has changed – the act of looking does not have the same meaning. Now, it’s about showing, sending and maybe remembering. It is no longer essentially about the image. The image … Continue reading

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