Walk the Path

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” ― Buddha

A Meeting With Roy DeCarava

I met Roy when I was a darkroom salesman for Camera Barn Stores. I worked there when I first moved into Manhattan and attended college at the School of Visual Arts. While working there, I met many photographers. Some famous – Lee Friedlander, Garry Winogrand, Harry Callahan, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, to name a few, andContinue reading “A Meeting With Roy DeCarava”

20 Minutes With: Photographer Ralph Gibson

By Emily Farache April 25, 2022 In 2005, acclaimed American photographer Ralph Gibson, known for his fine art books and prints, published Refractions, a small but influential 49-page work that has since been in and out of print. The ideas within his “Notes on the Aesthetics of Photography” were an important contribution to the practical and intellectualContinue reading “20 Minutes With: Photographer Ralph Gibson”

Photography’s Phallic Stage or Why Photographers Should Stop Calling Themselves “Artists”

Unpacking photography’s biggest inferiority complex. by Dina Litovsky Apr 8, 2022 I was scrolling through Twitter when I came upon a question, “To all photographers out there, do you consider yourself an artist or a photographer?” This ought to be good, I thought. And, sure enough, the thread was exactly as I anticipated. Most peopleContinue reading “Photography’s Phallic Stage or Why Photographers Should Stop Calling Themselves “Artists””

LIGHT MY WAY – By “Bruno” Yates

From Peloton Magazine. A great article that could be applied to most anything. These words really resonated with me. Letting go is what we do when the acrobatics that we’ve been performing to protect our carefully constructed self identities are no longer working. Like many people, I have experienced my own kind of emotional reckoningContinue reading “LIGHT MY WAY – By “Bruno” Yates”

What the Beatles Tell Us About Fame

OPINION – From the NYT DAVID BROOKS Let’s say you’re a musician, artist or actor with dreams of making it big. How do you do that? The standard answer is: Be really excellent at your craft and you will become renowned. Sadly, it’s not that simple. Excellence is a requirement, but often it’s not enough.Continue reading “What the Beatles Tell Us About Fame”


Reminiscing a bit about my time working at Camera Barn and many of the famous photographers I sold darkroom supplies to. I almost forgot about the afternoon that Harry Callahan walked in. Accompanied by his equally famous wife and muse Elenor, and their daughter Barbara, they were there to purchase a complete darkroom setup andContinue reading “Reminiscing”