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Thoughts of Francesca

How far do we step inside of ourselves? Have a look beneath the skin? Is it vanity? It it a search for truth? Justice? The American Way? I look at the work of Francesca Woodman and see I work that … Continue reading

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I look around around knowingly that the world is larger then my street. Is this a bad thing? I do not come from a wealthy family offering support while I go off on this project or that. Obligations of job … Continue reading

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Change of Seasons

Birthdays. A new one was a few days ago. Nothing like one, passing of a decade, to wake oneself up. Going through that now. I look forward to what’s ahead. I look back and see many footprints to where I … Continue reading

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Trust yourself. Trust your vision.

Why make mediocre images? Why do what’s been done? Trust yourself and your vision. Every life is unique. Every day is unique. Cultures, people. This is what gives me reason to smile. I look at my son. I see my … Continue reading

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Lost Years (Chinatown _R011783)

In looking back I can’t even remember who I was, what I was doing I denied everything tossed out everything as if yesterdays did not matter that I came before, lived before I only ask why ?

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Being where you are.

Do I long to travel?? You betcha. Before getting married and having a family, I did as much traveling as I could. The only times I travel now, is for a family vacation at summer’s end, before the beginning of … Continue reading

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You Don’t Pick The Subject, The Subject Picks You

Nowadays, there are contests, walks, workshops, websites, ebooks, gurus…… ad nauseam, who claim that they can teach you “street photography”. They claim to teach you to overcome your fear of people, show you the best camera, the best places, the … Continue reading

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