…move into the future

“…move into the future with some excitement rather than fear and with a more empowered sense of choices, rather than the sense of being of less value.” – Susan Meiselas


One great thing about having a child or children, you always have a model or models when they are with you. I love watching Ethan play and get lost in his imagination. It keeps my mind limber as well. Since Ethan’s birth, I set in  motion a project of documenting and putting each year’s imagesContinue reading “Airplane”

Herald Square 2261

After a hiatus of a few years, I am now back in midtown working. Having to familiarize myself again with the ebb and flow of humanity of this area, I am excited. Downtown near Wall Street was for me in many ways unexciting. If not for the “Looking On” project, I would have felt IContinue reading “Herald Square 2261”