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Photography’s Phallic Stage or Why Photographers Should Stop Calling Themselves “Artists”

Unpacking photography’s biggest inferiority complex. by Dina Litovsky Apr 8, 2022 I was scrolling through Twitter when I came upon a question, “To all photographers out there, do you consider yourself an artist or a photographer?” This ought to be good, I thought. And, sure enough, the thread was exactly as I anticipated. Most peopleContinue reading “Photography’s Phallic Stage or Why Photographers Should Stop Calling Themselves “Artists””

ClampArt Gallery

You are invited to our upcoming exhibition at the renowned ClampArt Gallery in New York City. Sixty selected photographs from The Print Swap join the single image winners of the Emerging Photography Awards for a show that spans continents and genres. While the show has no fixed theme, the chosen photographs speak to feelings ofContinue reading “ClampArt Gallery”


Reminiscing a bit about my time working at Camera Barn and many of the famous photographers I sold darkroom supplies to. I almost forgot about the afternoon that Harry Callahan walked in. Accompanied by his equally famous wife and muse Elenor, and their daughter Barbara, they were there to purchase a complete darkroom setup andContinue reading “Reminiscing”