ClampArt Gallery

You are invited to our upcoming exhibition at the renowned ClampArt Gallery in New York City. Sixty selected photographs from The Print Swap join the single image winners of the Emerging Photography Awards for a show that spans continents and genres. While the show has no fixed theme, the chosen photographs speak to feelings ofContinue reading “ClampArt Gallery”

Emerging Photography Awards Contender: Keith Goldstein

Please follow the link and vote!!! Hi Keith, Thanks again for submitting to the Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards! We wanted to let you know that we’ve posted your work to our blog, Facebook and Twitter. You can view the post on the blog here:…/emerging-photography-aw… Facebook:–w3e1l345BPGlBN0sKETWmUPzbyYU8gjsOQCbavt1nCcZ-SAZCRY_6XkYH4FCqAYkHpCbFn6y2Dn9iMcH0U9hRdKPuX-BrrKhO9hBFVhNPML1Rpua_-0iRFBVaxEG5lSk9xKgHvtuK3wn8UQ&__tn__=-R And here on Twitter: Every 2 weeks, the photographerContinue reading “Emerging Photography Awards Contender: Keith Goldstein”


Late last week Provokr Magazine published some imagery from “Homage to Manhatta”. What a wonderful writeup! Please enjoy! Provokr Keith Goldstein’s photography series “Manhatta” is bold, beautiful and filled with the wonder of a boy mesmerized by the soaring architecture and light that makes Manhattan so unique. Goldstein was heavily influenced by the 1921 film Manhatta by Paula Strand and Charles Sheeler. ItContinue reading “Provokr”

A Collaboration With Writer Mark Blickley

han’s solo – mark blickley and keith goldstein NOVEMBER 15, 2018 ~ SOUTH BROADWAY GHOST SOCIETY Editor’s note: the following piece is an ekphrasis, a rhetorical exercise where usually an artist bases a piece of writing off of an image. In this case, Mark Blickley based the following story off of Keith Goldstein’s image above,Continue reading “A Collaboration With Writer Mark Blickley”

Keith Goldstein: New York Street Photographer – The Interview

Many thanks to Marcus Niski for this opportunity! JUNE 1, 2018 BY NAKEDCITIESJOURNAL Keith Goldstein: New York Street Photographer – The Interview Keith Goldstein is a New York based street photographer who photographs his subjects in various locations in and around Manhattan. His images are candid portrayals of New Yorkers as he encounters them throughout the various boroughsContinue reading “Keith Goldstein: New York Street Photographer – The Interview”

The F/50 Collective Makes the List!!!

http://Spyro’s ultimate list of Street Photography Collectives Home Lists Spyro’s ultimate list of Street Photography Collectives Spyro’s ultimate list of Street Photography Collectives by Spyros Papaspyropoulos – Jun 8, 2017 15 2422 Introduction Not so long ago Street Photography wasn’t as known as it is today. I remember when I used to tell my friendsContinue reading “The F/50 Collective Makes the List!!!”

“Photos of Tourists Staring at the WTC Are Weirdly Riveting” ….. Gizmodo