David Douglas Duncan 1916-2018, R.I.P.

David Douglas Duncan (January 23, 1916 – June 7, 2018) was an American photojournalist who is best known for his dramatic combat photographs. In Memoriam David Douglas DuncanCreditVideo by Harry Ransom Center © Joe McNally 1st Lt David D. Duncan formerly at El Toro, who participated in the famed Fiji Patrol on Bougainville. The picture wasContinue reading “David Douglas Duncan 1916-2018, R.I.P.”

Fred Herzog and the Holocaust

When your views on world history begin to encroach on you being an exceptional pioneering  color photographer. Below is a link to an interesting interview of Fred Herzog. The interview takes an interesting twist when speaking about his childhood in Germany, Mr. Herzog mentions the “so called Holocaust”. The interviewer’s parents are Holocaust survivors. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/arts/the-collision-fred-herzog-the-holocaust-and-me/article4104746/

The F/50 Collective Makes the List!!!

http://Spyro’s ultimate list of Street Photography Collectives Home Lists Spyro’s ultimate list of Street Photography Collectives Spyro’s ultimate list of Street Photography Collectives by Spyros Papaspyropoulos – Jun 8, 2017 15 2422 Introduction Not so long ago Street Photography wasn’t as known as it is today. I remember when I used to tell my friendsContinue reading “The F/50 Collective Makes the List!!!”

Thoughts of Francesca

How far do we step inside of ourselves? Have a look beneath the skin? Is it vanity? It it a search for truth? Justice? The American Way? I look at the work of Francesca Woodman and see I work that is an exploration in progress for self truth. A process. A work that is leftContinue reading “Thoughts of Francesca”