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Spyro’s ultimate list of Street Photography Collectives

by Spyros Papaspyropoulos Jun 8, 2017

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Not so long ago Street Photography wasn’t as known as it is today. I remember when I used to tell my friends back in 2012 that my hobby is shooting street, they had no idea what I was talking about! And, when I explained, they thought it was weird and pervy. But things have changed since then. Things have changed a lot.

Thanks to the passion of a few individuals such as Eric Kim, Blake Andrews and Yanidel to name a few that constantly kept sharing their ideas and experiences about Street Photography through their blogs, the genre has now reached a new level of recognition.

It was not only the passion of the aforementioned individuals though that made Street Photography what it is today. In the past 20 years, Street Photography collectives have been appearing all over the web, spreading the genre’s gospel through their collective works and various Street Photography related interviews and articles. The first and most known of all the collectives is international street photography collective iN-PUBLiC. When iN-PUBLiC launched it inspired thousands and since then many collectives have sprung up. Amazing photographers from around the world have joined forces, sharing their works and attracting more and more people to this ever-growing genre of photography that is arguably one of the hardest, most enjoyable and definitely the most unpredictable of all genres.

Ever since I started getting hooked on Street Photography I have had an interest in Street Photography Collectives. Throughout the years of me searching the web for new Street Photography related posts, interviews and ideas I have discovered many collectives that have grabbed my attention. Anyone that knows me well knows that I like organising information, it is kind of like a thing I do, so I have made a list of bookmarks over the past years to make sure I don’t lose this valuable information. Now that this list has grown to a large size and it has started to mature – with very few changes in the past couple of months – I have decided that it is time to share it with you.

I will not be sharing all my links, because some of the collectives in my bookmarks don’t exist any more, such as the amazing APF Collective. Their website is dead and their last post on their FB page was in November 2016.

Anyway, here is my ever changing list of Street Photography Collectives, as it is today, the 8th of June 2017. I hope you find it interesting and inspiring.

Spyro’s ultimate list of Street Photography Collectives

Presented in alphabetical order

Berlin1020 Street Photography

Visit https://berlin1020.com/


Visit http://www.bulbphotos.eu/

Burn My eye

Visit http://www.burnmyeye.org/

Chicago Street Photography Collective

Visit http://chicagostreetphotographycollective.com/

Cracow Street Collective

Visit https://cracowstreetcollective.tumblr.com/

Elephant Gun

Visit https://www.facebook.com/ElephantGunPhotoCollective/


Visit http://eyegobananas.com/


Visit https://f50collective.com/

FJM Collective

Visit https://www.fjmcollective.com/


Visit http://www.flanares.com/


Visit https://www.facebook.com/flanersi/

Fragment Photo Collective

Visit https://www.fragmentphotos.com/

Full Frontal Flash

Visit http://fullfrontalflash.com/


Visit http://greyskiescollective.com/


Visit http://in-public.com/


Visit: https://www.instagram.com/intercollective/

Italian Street Eyes

Visit http://www.italianstreeteyes.com/

La Calle es Nuestra

Visit https://lacalleesnuestra.com/


Visit http://lightradi.us/

Magna Collective

Visit http://www.magnacollective.com/home

Magnum Photos

Visit https://www.magnumphotos.com/

Malaysian Street Photographer Collective

Visit https://mspcollective.org/

Metro Collective

Visit http://www.metrocollective.org/html/

NYC Street Photography Collective

Visit https://www.nyc-spc.com/


Visit http://www.observecollective.com/


Visit https://plateaphoto.wordpress.com/

Prague Street Photography

Visit https://www.praguestreetphotography.cz/

Pretoria Street Photography

Visit https://www.facebook.com/PretoriaStreetPhotography


Visit http://www.seconds2real.org/

Soul of Hamburg

Visit http://www.soulofhamburg.com/


Visit http://streetphotographyinternational.com/


Visit http://www.spontanea.org/?lang=en


Visit http://www.strange.rs/

Street Life Collective

Visit http://www.streetlifecollective.com/

Street Photo Thailand

Visit http://www.streetphotothailand.com/

Street Photography London

Visit http://www.streetphotographylondon.co.uk/

Street Photography Luxembourg

Visit https://streetphoto.lu/

Street Soul Photography

Visit http://streetsoulphotography.com/

Streets Ahead

Visit https://www.flickr.com/groups/streetsaheadtheappwhisperer/pool/


Visit http://www.streetseen.org.uk/


Visit http://stromaphoto.com/


Visit https://superluna.org/

The 8 Street

Visit http://the8street.com/

The Street Collective

Visit http://www.thestreetcollective.com/

Tiny Collective

Visit http://tinycollective.com/

Tripod City

Visit http://www.tripodcity.co.uk/

Turkuaz Street

Visit http://www.turkuazstreet.com/


Visit http://un-posed.com/

Vivo Photography Collective

Visit https://www.street-photographers.com/

Void Tokyo

Visit http://voidtokyo.media/


If you have your own collection of Street Photography Collectives that you would like to share, or any additions to make to my list, please feel free to share it in the comments below. The more collectives we can add to this page the better!

Stay Sharp & Keep Shooting!