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You are invited to our upcoming exhibition at the renowned ClampArt Gallery in New York City. Sixty selected photographs from The Print Swap join the single image winners of the Emerging Photography Awards for a show that spans continents and genres.

While the show has no fixed theme, the chosen photographs speak to feelings of magic, mythos, and mystery, while also examining our ever more precarious relationship with the natural world and its wonders.

If you’re in New York, see the show in person at ClampArt Gallery on March 2, 2022 from 6-8PM.

Exhibiting Print Swap photographers:

Anna Heimkreiter, Skye Snyder, Kristin Anderson, Meg Birnbaum, Keith Goldstein, Valeria Cammareri, Regula Tschumi, Nagy Krisztián, Rotem Dozetas, Mona Singh, Foteini Zaglara, David Comora, Takeshi Suga, Deb Menconi Clark, Emmanuel Monzon, Daniel Tulloch, Matt Carr, Juliet Haas, Russell Goodwin, Stevie Raelynn, Yvan Bedard, Nikhat Fatima, Umberto De Ros, Syndi Pilar, Jaejoon Ha, Benny van der Plank, Marianne van Loo, Cole Ndelu, Alexej Sachov, Kristin Anderson, Cince Johnston, Michael Snyder, Minoo Hassanzadeh, Jennifer Booher, Marina Danic, Alison Schmitz, Alexis Elliott, Antonio Schubert, Alexej Sachov, Marilyn Baez, Phoenix Kanada, Mateo Gonzalez, Dhanraj Emanuel, Ava Williams, Shawn Michael Jones, Meg Boscov, Nikos Menoudarakos, Ashley Garrett, Branden May, Maggie Middlebrook, Virgil DiBiase and Howard Crow.

Published by Keith Goldstein

Photographer, husband, dad, and passionate cyclist. Lives and works in New York City.

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