Late last week Provokr Magazine published some imagery from “Homage to Manhatta”.

What a wonderful writeup! Please enjoy!


Keith Goldstein’s photography series “Manhatta” is bold, beautiful and filled with the wonder of a boy mesmerized by the soaring architecture and light that makes Manhattan so unique. Goldstein was heavily influenced by the 1921 film Manhatta by Paula Strand and Charles Sheeler. It is considered the first avant garde film. Keith Goldstein said to PROVOKR, “something just clicked when I saw Manhatta again and I started to think about my building images.”

Goldstein shoots images of buildings from up as high as he can, so his buildings are part of the sky. There are so many details and hidden delights that we can not see from the street and Keith unveils those dramatically. The light is always different as it plays on older architectural wonders or is reflected in the glass of the contemporary high rise he has chosen. There is much more light to play with at these higher vantage points and he makes the most of that shooting late in the day of autumn, in the duller winter gray light or the in the full on summer sun. Goldstein told PROVOKR, “I think we all get excited seeing a place we are familiar with from a different perspective, in this case up high, certainly changes the experience and the perspective. Looking from a world above, the quality of light, shadow, and how the seasons change the atmosphere becomes so important to what you are a witness to.”

Keith Goldstein has been living in New York City since the 1970s and is fascinated with the street life and the surrounding tableau of Manhattan’s buildings. His images are heroic in nature and quietly revel in the magnificent details hidden above.






Published by Keith Goldstein

Photographer, husband, dad, and passionate cyclist. Lives and works in New York City.

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  1. so many details and hidden delights–yes, this is exactly what I see with each of your photographs. This one, I remember, reminded me of a crown. Words getting out–finally! Very excited and proud, Keith.

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