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I’m a photographer living and working in New York City with my wife Nicole and our son Ethan. On these pages I would like to share with you my imagery and occasionally my thoughts. I am a strong believer in doing what you love and sharing a vision that is close to your heart.  I studied photography at the School of Visual Arts with Tad Yamashiro. During that time, I photographed, worked assisting various studio photographers, and sold darkroom chemistry and equipment at Camera Barn Stores. I spent some time after SVA working before getting my MFA at Cranbrook Academy of Art with Carl Toth. Since then I have been photographing and working as a photo editor.

History throughout my life was important. Not just world or photo history, but personal history. Being in touch with who you are and where you are from. Knowing that everything, somehow is connected.

Below is one of my favorite quotes;

I’m always looking outside, trying to look inside.
Trying to tell something that’s true.
But maybe nothing is really true.
Except what’s out there.-Robert Frank
I never write about gear. Who knows, one day it might happen. To me gear is a personal thing, like shoes, underwear, whatever feels comfortable and works. If you need to know, it’s there in the tags. If not, ask. I’ll always answer if you have a question about anything. One of the purposes of a blog is dialogue, and I appreciate it when I get a comment or two.
I am a member of the f50 Collective – http://f50collective.com/
Thanks again for looking. I hope we can connect.
(Please note that all images on this site are 72 dpi)

About Keith Goldstein

Lives and works in New York City.
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