Three From Chinatown

About Keith Goldstein

Lives and works in New York City.
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4 Responses to Three From Chinatown

  1. ailukewitsch says:

    Great to see some nice street photography with the OMD. Still debating if to get the nex7, ricoh plus leica module or the OMD.

    • I would spring for the OMD. So many great Olympus and Panasonic lenses to choose from. I considered the NEX-7, but the lens range as of now is really undeveloped.

      • ailukewitsch says:

        Hi Keith thanks for the reply, I have a x100 which i love but the slow response of the camera is killing me, make it fully manual or fully automatic, but the fuji is not great in any of the two regarding focusing. What keeps me away from the nex7 is the lens selection, only that. Great picts. Will follow your posts.

      • The little OMD is lightning fast. I find the IQ to be fantastic. On the street I have been shooting at ISOs between 800 – 1600 without any problems whatsoever. Noise is highly manageable in Photoshop.

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