Photographers don’t emerge…

Why is that word “emerge” always associated with “young” photographers? Photographers don’t emerge, they grow. We all may emerge from the womb. As we grow, we make choices based on what we like and don’t like. We learn, we practice, we do. Somewhere along the way, through experience, time, and choice, we become who we are.

Published by Keith Goldstein

Photographer, husband, dad, and passionate cyclist. Lives and works in New York City.

3 thoughts on “Photographers don’t emerge…

  1. So what is the definition of a young photographer? Perhaps 25YO with 6 years of experience or perhaps 40YO with 20 years experience or maybe even 60YO with 10 years experience. So, a young shooter is young from experience and not age.

    I would imagine that if someone doesn’t understand this that they need to EMERGE their head from their butt.

    1. Young or old. I hate these terms. So many “submit your work for inclusion for 20 under 20, or 30 under 30…”, get posted all over the place. What about us regular Joes who “emerge” from their beds everyday to face reality and question – “who the heck am I?”? How about a show “70 under 70” or “Here are some photographers we missed along the way when we were searching for the next Miley Cyrus of photography”.

      1. Ya can’t control the way people think. You can play with it like Duchamp but you can’t get control. So I found the best way for me is to just stay focused on my chosen path and not let those that fight for control and design the words they use to try to gain control effect me in negative ways. So as shooters, we have a responsibility to other shooters that they need not be held back by the parameters others place upon us.
        Just breathe, focus and shoot.

        This post emerged from a under 65 over 63 right handed Philly born shooter.

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