Thoughts On Back To The Beginning

Sometimes life takes you back where you started. Not literally, but, for me, in an emotional, visual sense. I have been noticing that some images of late remind me of images of my youth. (Coin Op) They bring me back to where I was 36 plus years ago when I moved to New York City to finish college. New York was an entirely different place then. Subways were not air conditioned and almost completely graffittied over inside and out. Jimmy Carter was president. Ed Koch just started his long run as mayor. New York was gritty and exciting. Not the glossed over remnant we have today. I rarely ventured above 14th Street on the weekends. 57th Street and Soho, where the galleries were, were as completely different as anyone could imagine. It was possible to walk for blocks at night and hardly see anyone. It could be dangerous.

So where am I going with this? Time does strange things. It moves you from one place to another. It gives you experience. But deep down, somewhere there is a place inside you, that you carry things you think you were rid of or forgotten. Every so often they surface to tell you something. What is it? It’s different for each of us. But, as things change, they really do remain the same. Use it.

About Keith Goldstein

Lives and works in New York City.
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2 Responses to Thoughts On Back To The Beginning

  1. Streetshooter says:

    Funny thing Keith. Things changed down here in Philly in the last 36 years also, imagine that. If I look at my negs or prints I get a feeling of kinda like homesickness. I think they call it nostalgia. I prefer to call in a “History Check”. Be glad ya have a history, many younger shooters don’t but may be carving one out for themselves right now.

    Philly has changes in many ways but that’s another story. 36 years ago, I spent countless hours pounding the streets of New York……

  2. What was in NYC then Don?

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