Street photography…..

Street photography is an aesthetic. Street photography is not a “pill”. Street photography is not a “pre-set”. Street photography is not something that can be taught. No one can teach you how to photograph a stranger on the street without permission or getting punched in the face. Experience will teach you that. I applaud those who share their experiences, share their technique, cameras, whether film or digital, focal length, etc.. That is all that one can do. Find what works for you. Trial and error. Make mistakes. Look at art, other photographers, read, go to the movies… Live life by working at job, falling in love, being hurt by love, making and losing friends. In the final say, that’s all up to you and your preference based upon your personal experience and what you want to express. Be inspired by what is inside of you, who you are, and how you feel about your place in the world.

Published by Keith Goldstein

Photographer, husband, dad, and passionate cyclist. Lives and works in New York City.

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