Make Your Own History

Today is my birthday. When I was younger, in many ways it didn’t matter. You celebrated with friends and hopefully with someone special. As I’ve gotten older, having a family, a young son, and not being, well, a young father, I’ve been getting very nostalgic. I think about family more and more. Thankfully my parents are still around as they approach 90. Most of all, I think of my own immediate family. My wife Nicole, and especially my soon to be 6 year old son Ethan. I can’t help to think about where my own family came from, where I’m going, and especially what all this will mean for Ethan as I get even older. All I know is want to give him all I can and leave something for him that will continue to extend our family history. I never had the relationship with my father as I do with Ethan. Even though there will be an extensive image legacy of family and my work when I’m gone, I can’t forget we all share in the larger family of humanity. For Ethan, being an only child, in the future, that will matter a great deal.



My maternal family circa 1912, Brooklyn, New York.


A quiet moment…..2009


Nicole and Ethan, Chinese New York, 2014.

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Photographer, husband, dad, and passionate cyclist. Lives and works in New York City.

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