Louis Faurer

I have been thinking a lot of Louis Faurer lately. Originally from Philadelphia, Faurer spent some time in New York teaching, and of course photographing. Not many people know of his work or that Robert Frank was a friend of his. They both met at the Design Laboratory, run by Alexey Brodovitch, then, art director of Harper’s Bazaar. By the time Faurer and Frank met, Faurer had been photographing in his style for quite some time. If one looked at the work of Faurer and then that of Frank, especially in the late 40s early 50s, I believe you can see Faurer’s influence. The New York Times in 2001, mentioned in Faurer’s obituary, that he was  “producing images taken on city streets that were raw, tender and often melancholy.”

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15 thoughts on “Louis Faurer

  1. in Louis Faurer picure – Self-Portrait, is he standing on a train platform and looking through someone’s window? The picture baffles me. Thanks.

      1. Hi Larry. I believe it is a double reflection. It is a bit hard to discern. I have not come across anything written on whether it is or is not.


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