Far From Home


Published by Keith Goldstein

Photographer, husband, dad, and passionate cyclist. Lives and works in New York City.

5 thoughts on “Far From Home

    1. Unfortunately no Loisajay. I’ve been on the fence for a long time about about documenting certain people in New York City. I’ve been feeling that something within is going through transition. I can’t fight.

      Walking forward, we must look in all directions, not just straight ahead.

      I had a much longer answer Loisajay, but I didn’t want to sound as if I am preaching.


  1. No apologies, Keith. I hesitated saying anything, probably because I did not want hear what you confirmed. We do need to look in all directions. Maybe call it to the attention to those who just keep looking straight ahead. I think they are wonderful photos. Keep on.

  2. It is a tough call. I am in favour of making some sort of eye contact with the subject, but then I know others say this is not ‘Street’ photography. I acknowledge.. sometimes you have to shoot it how it is…

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