The Tenderloin _9934


Published by Keith Goldstein

Photographer, husband, dad, and passionate cyclist. Lives and works in New York City.

2 thoughts on “The Tenderloin _9934

    1. This link should help explain better –,_Manhattan. I like using the old historical neighborhood names from the early 20th and late 19th centuries. They seem to fit the work. I am terribly against the new names being designated by real estate developers in order to cash in on gentrification. So much history is being lost here everyday. For example, there is a new name being given to the area of the South Bronx, “The Piano District”, that really has nothing to do with pianos. There were some piano manufacturers there only for a couple of decades. Not long enough to instill any historical significance. I guess in the name of “progress”, people want to forget the difficult times of the past and begin anew.

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