Morning, 34th Street



About Keith Goldstein

Lives and works in New York City.
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8 Responses to Morning, 34th Street

  1. Streetshooter says:

    Well, that’s a brilliant photo. I looked at it and thought, geeze, Keith is seeing differently, nice. Then saw in your tags, the camera. Hope you get along with it and find your way. Great camera……

    • It’s a dreamy little camera Don! Makes me think of my old beloved Panasonic GF1. But this really hits a sweet spot. Yes, I’m trying something different. I want/need to shake things up a bit. Hopefully introduce some new ideas. Break the mold a little. I don’t like feeling “comfortable”.

  2. loisajay says:

    I agree with Streetshooter–I thought what the heck is Keith doing? But I like it!

  3. themofman says:

    This is a special composition making excellent use of the contrast between light, shadow, tone and positions of subjects.

    Definitely one of my favourite shots from this project.

  4. Alexandra says:

    brilliant perspective to highlight the geometry and shadow play… love it!!

    you are not shooting with the Ricoh any more?

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