Trust yourself. Trust your vision.

Why make mediocre images? Why do what’s been done? Trust yourself and your vision. Every life is unique. Every day is unique. Cultures, people. This is what gives me reason to smile. I look at my son. I see my wife, myself, but in him, so much more. Use your creativity to confirm what you see, feel, and release what is inside of you. Embrace the differences within yourself. Accept yourself and others for their uniqueness. Your vision and the world becomes a richer place.


About Keith Goldstein

Lives and works in New York City.
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12 Responses to Trust yourself. Trust your vision.

  1. Don Springer says:

    Good words Keith. Great meanings. Tell your son thanks for spreading the word.

  2. He’s a great kid Don! My wife and I feel very lucky!

  3. Kaya says:

    Thank you for these inspirational words. You touched my heart deeply. An amazing photograph!

  4. He is so cute. Handsome little man.
    I agree with you. I try not to take touristy pictures. I do my best to find street or Urban areas images that speak to me and capture my interest.
    FORTUNATELY New York City never disappoints me. ALWAYS something weird odd or quirky that leaps out at you.

  5. Chris Lavaud says:

    Keith, your son is very cute, a look of a real New Yorker. I see that you have a good shape, enjoy the weekend with your family.

  6. loisajay says:

    Keith, your little guy is adorable–what panache! Great photo.

  7. I love this photograph, looking at it made me feel happy – like the words too.

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