The Tenderloin _R012895


Published by Keith Goldstein

Lives and works in New York City.

5 thoughts on “The Tenderloin _R012895

    1. I’m a sucker for a sweet face Lois! I was on my lunch walk and passed this closed florist shop. I had to do a double take. At first glance I wasn’t sure if he/she was alive. There it was in the window watching the people walk by. As I walked away, he/she still sat immobile. I seemed to be the only one that noticed life behind the glass.

      1. …. and perhaps your the only one Kitty sees in life behind the glass. I love cats and my current, Barsik…Russian for Cat, is awesome. Most times when I want to make a photo of him, right before exposure, he moves.
        I think I need better Russian/American relations….

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