Hell’s Kitchen _R015294

I am ambivalent posting this. I don’t recall taking this image. It is one of those images that you discover when you download your card. At first I was taken back. I kept going back and forth whether to publish this image or not. But, this is life. Good or bad. There are people out there that need help, or maybe they don’t. Many people are comfortable in their skin and accept their own infirmities.

Published by Keith Goldstein

Photographer, husband, dad, and passionate cyclist. Lives and works in New York City.

10 thoughts on “Hell’s Kitchen _R015294

  1. Your statement is so ironic because I looked at this and moved on. I came back to it several times and then read your statement. The world is not a perfect place, Keith.

    1. Exactly Lois. It is not. I think this image needed a statement. I think a lot of people today will take a peek and move on. If you came back, then something is there other then the obvious. At times we need to look at ourselves.

      1. No! I’m not angry at all, Keith. Please don’t think that. What I meant was I kind of didn’t want to see this, but, like you said, I kept coming back to it. I think it’s important to see all facets of people and city and the world in which we live. Hey–we’re good, Keith!

  2. Just realized: I took a picture of that lady when I was in New York last year. She was passing by with her walker when I was standing in a hotel’s doorway to wait that the rain would stop …. :o) !

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