Korea Town

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2 thoughts on “Korea Town

  1. …. in September of 2013 Olivier and I spent a week in NYC together. Anyway, we are out making photos and talking about the Inspired Eye and our desires to make it work. I keep seeing these people walking around with these mask on and it was getting to me. Finally, I mentioned to Olivier, “look at these people so afraid of germs that they try to isolate themselves by wearing a mask.”
    We walked a little more and we stopped by a wall on a building so he could get the video camera working……Olivier looked at me and said, ya know why those people wear the mask? It’s not to shield them from the people around them but to protect the people from the germs that they carry. They are usually sick and need to go out and they protect others by wearing the mask.

    ….i was humbled in a way that meant something to me that I would never forget…. Olivier knows his doo doo…. nice shot Keith and thanks for the wake-up call….

    1. When I first started seeing people wearing the mask, I wondered myself what was going on. I knew they did this in Japan and from images I had seen, China as well. I read exactly the explanation that Olivier gave you, and I myself thought that was the most considerate, humbling thing anyone could do. Ya get on the subway, you’re locked in with sniffling, sneezing, coughing, wheezing crowds of humanity, and you think, “I am stuck here and have nowhere to go, and I have to breathe in the detritus of humankind.”

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