Rory Gallagher – June 14, 1995

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Rory’s famous well worn Fender Stratocaster.

As a 15/16 year old, I can still remember the day I first heard Rory. His solo album “Blueprint” was being played by my friend Mitch, whose house we over playing pool. I was blown away from the very first song, “Walk On Hot Coals”. I proceeded to go out and purchase every album of his that I could get my hands on. I discovered some weeks later that Rory was the guitarist for “Taste”. A band that was rarely played on the radio, but their song, “Blister On The Moon”, I loved. His early albums were tough to get, as they were all imports and significantly more expensive than regular releases. But I managed. I only got to see him perform once in a small club on Long Island with the best of his backing bands. I never forgot.

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