Published by Keith Goldstein

Photographer, husband, dad, and passionate cyclist. Lives and works in New York City.

9 thoughts on “Protest

    1. I’ve read her story. I’ve seen her many times, but this was the first opportunity to photograph her. There are people like her all around the city with placards protesting working conditions, corporate greed, religion, politics, etc.. I worked at a company where I had to cross a picket line everyday for five years. A sector of the company wanted to be part of the film union. The company thought it was unnecessary. The company lost and had to pay these people for fives years of back wages, fines, etc.. It set the company up for a corporate takeover. It all wasn’t pleasant. It seems that this woman doesn’t have a lot going for her unfortunately. She’s been out there for quite some time.

      1. wow, Keith.Thanks for the back story. You do take the most interesting photos and I do wonder the story behind the photo. Don’t worry–I won’t keep asking!

    1. I would believe that small towns would have their own stories as well, Audrey. We all have our personal stories if we choose to share them. There are days that I do long for a quiet place.

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