Today I wanted to present something somewhat a bit different then what I usually post here. It is my birthday and I only feel that my life has come into its own. When I read about the incident in Washington, DC and the harassment of Nathan Phillips, the media described him as an elderly Vietnam veteran of 64 years of age. You see, I am 62 years old today. If someone described me as elderly, I think I would slap that mouth. I have a 9 year old son, a beautiful wife, a great family, and feel that so much of life is still ahead of me.

Photography is the gift that keeps giving. Through it, I have made and continue to make many wonderful relationships. I know my work is not for everyone. For me, my work is my truth, my expression. It is my gift to those who look, who see, who want to share what is in the world at a deeper level then what is on the surface.

I can remember as a little boy how great it would to be buried like a pharaoh, or set to sea on a burning ship like a Viking warrior when I pass. How over the years that has changed. Now, my imagination runs towards being shot into space in a capsule that just fits my body. With just a small window for my eyes. To travel far into the universe for eons and eons. Or possibly burn up like a shooting star for all to see.


About Keith Goldstein

Lives and works in New York City.
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12 Responses to Chrysler

  1. loisajay says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Keith! No, you are not old. That whole situation has gone awry, from what I have read. And then, of course, the tweets about it…. But not on your birthday. Enjoy your day. And thank you, always, for the gift of your amazing photography.

  2. To paraphrase Queer Nation, we’re here, we’re old, get used to it.. Happy Birthday.

  3. Elderly…hmmm. I’m a 70 year old Vietnam Vet who works photographing Alligators in swamps. They should stop by sometime and my scaly friends and I can discuss the elderly thing LOL 😀😂😂

  4. Very happy birthday, Keith, stay forever young :o) ! Cheers from Vienna, Silvia

  5. Happy Birthday Keith.
    Please don’t take that capsule too soon. I’m enjoying your photographs too much.
    I hope your day with your family was wonderful.

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