This is Janey. She was my wife’s cat for 4 years before we met. Janey and I have been through a lot. When my wife and I started living together, Janey wasn’t very happy. She would sit by the front door and if it was me that walked through, she would attack my legs. I got so scratched up all the time that I took to hanging a small spray bottle of water by the front door. Just a couple of squirts and Janey would be gone and I would be free to enter the apartment safely. Just a couple of times and she got the hint. But that didn’t seem to be enough. I started to feed her at mealtimes and slowly she gained my trust. Now after 15 years, we’re best buds. What’s sad though, is Janey is now 19, she has a bit of a kidney issue, and though she eats, she is very thin. Just skin over bones. Watching her these days is sad. Slow. Gone is the spry feline who walked proud with her tail pointed high. She has many favorite spots to sleep and this is her nighttime sleeping perch next to our bed. She retires there a bit earlier than she used to, but nonetheless it is nice to know she is there.

Published by Keith Goldstein

Photographer, husband, dad, and passionate cyclist. Lives and works in New York City.

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