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  1. Dear Keith,

    Carl Toth has passed away.

    I came across your essay while looking up Carl today. I was a CAA student from ’71-73 (ceramics!) when Carl was a brand new teacher. Today I got the message below from a classmate, Mary Jo Toles. I thought you would want to know.

    All the best,
    Donald Lipski

    138 East 36th Street
    Apt. 10-C
    New York, NY 10016
    tel 215-301-4800


    Sending you this message to let you know that Carl Toth passed three days ago on Saturday afternoon when he was being admitted yet again to Hillcrest Hospital.

    Seems he was just not up for another hospital stay after all he’s been through these past 18 years. His body was just too exhausted.

    His heart simply stopped and he went peacefully.

    Beth and Carl’s family have made plans for a green burial at Firefox Preserve in Wilmot, Ohio. It looks to be a really lovely place….a fitting place Carl would certainly appreciate

    They’ve selected a site located near the edge of the forest where one can clearly see the stars – such a perfect place to celebrate Carl Toth’s life and legacy.

    Despite how Carl endured these many years – the news of his passing is still such a shock – but it too is a blessing that Carl is now at rest, no longer suffering.

    Thoughts and prayers are with his sisters Beth, Linda and Terrie (and Jim Lavelle) , his brother Jim and sons Mathew and Benjamin to be at peace navigating this In the days ahead.

    Carl’s obituary should be listed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer in the next couple of days with more information and details about the service and burial.

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