Food Vendor

About Keith Goldstein

Lives and works in New York City.
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5 Responses to Food Vendor

  1. loisajay says:

    I love how ‘up close’ you get with the people you photograph.

  2. I agree. Do you engage with your subjects or they with you? Or is it snap the image and then leave? Just curious.

    • It depends upon the situation. I don’t always hide my intention. Sometimes I try to engage. More often then not it is usually after I have made the image.

      • Right. Because if you engaged prior, you wouldn’t get the candid everyday slice of life image.

      • Very true. If they notice me, I do not try to hide what I am doing, I always give some kind of compliment and a smile. Usually that takes them aback and we just go on our way. I have only have had two instances that could have lead to trouble and one of them I didn’t even photograph! The person saw my camera, grabbed my arm, and accused me of taking his picture. He was a lookout on Canal Street for someone who sold counterfeit watches. I offered to show him my pictures, but he still wouldn’t let go. Luckily there was a policeman on the corner a few yards away. I said lets have him show you. He then ran away.

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