Surgery – Hallux Ridigus

On Tuesday, February 5, I had foot reconstruction surgery for my right big toe. I have been suffering with a growing arthritic problem for 15 years. It had become incredibly painful for the past few months, the accumulated bone spurs preventing the toe from bending during normal walking.

I tried many non surgical remedies to slow the progression, physical therapy, special insoles, etc., but it was obvious that they were just short term fixes. I am very active with a young 10 year old boy. Once it started to bother me during cycling, my other passion, surgery was the solution.

My surgery involved removal of the “bump”, bone spurs, and a the replacement of half of my toe joint. A titanium cap over the bone for easy movement.

I am not fond of narcotics. I am taking half the dosage if that much for pain. Which today is incredible. The narcotics are very dehydrating as well.

Apologies for an unusual post. Hopefully later today or tomorrow I will post. I am just happy I should be back to full recovery in 4 weeks. Back on my bike and back fully on the street as well!

Published by Keith Goldstein

Photographer, husband, dad, and passionate cyclist. Lives and works in New York City.

16 thoughts on “Surgery – Hallux Ridigus

  1. Oh, Keith, I already sense your frustration at sitting still. But I also know you have the willpower and determination to do what you have to do to recover quickly. I hope your pain eases soon. I’m with you on not using narcotics unless absolutely necessary. I’ll put up with a lot of pain. But if you need that half dose to manage to pain, then do as you are and take it.

    Rest well. Take care. Keep that foot elevated. And try to be patient through the healing process.

    One final note: Welcome to the Titanium Club.

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