Surgery – Hallux Ridigus

On Tuesday, February 5, I had foot reconstruction surgery for my right big toe. I have been suffering with a growing arthritic problem for 15 years. It had become incredibly painful for the past few months, the accumulated bone spurs preventing the toe from bending during normal walking. I tried many non surgical remedies toContinue reading “Surgery – Hallux Ridigus”


“Inside Out”. From the series “Ocular” – ocular |ˈäkyələr| adjective [ attrib. ] Medicine of or connected with the eyes or vision : ocular trauma. noun another term for eyepiece . DERIVATIVES ocularly |ˈɑkjələrli| adverb ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from late Latin ocularis, from Latin oculus ‘eye.’ This series began before I had doubleContinue reading “Ocular”