20 Minutes With: Photographer Ralph Gibson

By Emily Farache April 25, 2022 In 2005, acclaimed American photographer Ralph Gibson, known for his fine art books and prints, published Refractions, a small but influential 49-page work that has since been in and out of print. The ideas within his “Notes on the Aesthetics of Photography” were an important contribution to the practical and intellectualContinue reading “20 Minutes With: Photographer Ralph Gibson”


“Inside Out”. From the series “Ocular” – http://www.pbase.com/keithbg/ocular&page=all ocular |ˈäkyələr| adjective [ attrib. ] Medicine of or connected with the eyes or vision : ocular trauma. noun another term for eyepiece . DERIVATIVES ocularly |ˈɑkjələrli| adverb ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from late Latin ocularis, from Latin oculus ‘eye.’ This series began before I had doubleContinue reading “Ocular”