“God Does Crap”

A number of years ago, during a stint of unemployment, I was assisting a friend, a still-life photographer out in his Brooklyn studio. One day, after a day’s shoot, we went into Manhattan to drop off the film and while we waited for it to be processed by the lab, we had dinner and drinks.Continue reading ““God Does Crap””

All photographs are judgements.

Photography is not a medium known to expose the invisible. I hate statements that say, “My photographs are about making the invisible visible.” Hogwash. All photographs are judgements. All photographs depict the prejudices of the photographer. Photographers make choices – camera, lens, film, composition, color, B&W,, etc.. One does not breathe in a vacuum.

Sometimes you just have to walk on the opposite side of the street…

What I enjoy, is that over the years of shooting, certain things, certain subjects kept popping up. Oh, looky there! There’s an interesting theme. Sometimes over analyzing can be a bad thing. But sooner or later you have to try to understand why you do what you do. I like to keep the spontaneity, butContinue reading “Sometimes you just have to walk on the opposite side of the street…”


Part of what I like about photography, is community. While I might be involved in my own style doing imagery, it does not prevent, nor should it, from enjoying other forms of imagers that others do. When I “like” an image, or look at a post, I make sure to hit that “star”, “heart”, “Like”,Continue reading “Community”

Lies, Truth, and No Video Tape

I can usually see it from across the room. A photograph that is unlike others. It shouts its mannerism. Seemingly straightforward, it jumps right at you, but the more time you spend with it, the less it tells you. Why have these images become the norm? Why can’t people settle down and let their truthContinue reading “Lies, Truth, and No Video Tape”

Is art more truthful if it’s pretty?

Recently, a friend sent me a link to a photographer’s work that he thought was “cool”. I love him and respect him dearly, but as for photography, we come from different places. I know for him, “cool” is as deep and profound as he can get. I’m not being insulting. As he would say, “ItContinue reading “Is art more truthful if it’s pretty?”