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“God Does Crap”

A number of years ago, during a stint of unemployment, I was assisting a friend, a still-life photographer out in his Brooklyn studio. One day, after a day’s shoot, we went into Manhattan to drop off the film and while … Continue reading

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All photographs are judgements.

Photography is not a medium known to expose the invisible. I hate statements that say, “My photographs are about making the invisible visible.” Hogwash. All photographs are judgements. All photographs depict the prejudices of the photographer. Photographers make choices – … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just have to walk on the opposite side of the street…

What I enjoy, is that over the years of shooting, certain things, certain subjects kept popping up. Oh, looky there! There’s an interesting theme. Sometimes over analyzing can be a bad thing. But sooner or later you have to try … Continue reading

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“The mirror is just another function of the window.”

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Part of what I like about photography, is community. While I might be involved in my own style doing imagery, it does not prevent, nor should it, from enjoying other forms of imagers that others do. When I “like” an … Continue reading

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Lies, Truth, and No Video Tape

I can usually see it from across the room. A photograph that is unlike others. It shouts its mannerism. Seemingly straightforward, it jumps right at you, but the more time you spend with it, the less it tells you. Why … Continue reading

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Is art more truthful if it’s pretty?

Recently, a friend sent me a link to a photographer’s work that he thought was “cool”. I love him and respect him dearly, but as for photography, we come from different places. I know for him, “cool” is as deep … Continue reading

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